Spa Treatement at Dubai Ladies Club
Spa Treatement at Dubai Ladies Club
Spa Treatement at Dubai Ladies Club
Spa Treatement at Dubai Ladies Club

Altearah Bio

Moments of Wellness – 60 MIN

Treatment Description:
Experience the synergy of the healing philosophies of light, aromas and touch, completely personalized to your needs. Whether you crave a detox, a boost of vibrancy, deep balance, or to ease stress, transport yourself to a universe of balance with this aromatic massage. Choose a colour and delight in a multi-sensory approach to profound relaxation and reconnection.

  • White – Pure: Purifies and regenerates my body and mind.
    A Pure Massage uses a number of techniques to assist in resolving and pushing out toxins from the body. Detoxify using techniques such as deep tissue massage, and positional release to restore pure function and movement.
  • Blue – Peace: Brings me calm, tranquillity.
    A Peace Massage brings soothing and relaxing movements to help you to calm your nervous system, relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being. Unwind the mind and recover from long-standing fatigue.
  • Red – Vitality: Re-discovers my energy and passion.
    A Vitality Massage is an invigorating body massage that promotes healing, and a renewed energy. This treatment eases stiffness and relieves tension.
  • Violet – Balance: Finds my mind-body alignment.
    A Balance Massage follows a meditative rhythm that brings a centering energy to the body. With long and smooth movements, this treatment brings an anchoring feeling and a profound regeneration.

Detox Treatment – 90 MIN

Treatment Description:
The Detox Treatment is a comprehensive treatment for the body and mind that will promote your internal homeostasis. It combines Altearah White products, your chosen colour and a heated blanket to eliminate toxins from the body and re-position you towards positivity.

  • Blue – Peace: To detox towards calm and tranquillity.
  • Red – Vitality: To detox towards energy and dynamism.
  • Violet – Balance: To detox towards realigned freedom.

Peaceful Serenity Treatment – 60 MIN

Treatment Description:
A treatment to de-stress and relax the body and mind for a feeling of calmness. With a focus on stimulating circulation in the legs, it finds your lightness of step. With the fragrances of Ylang-Ylang and Peppermint, this treatment transports you to a state of mental calmness and your own haven of serenity.

Balancing & Energizing Body Treatment – 60 MIN

Treatment Description:
A treatment that brings inner warmth, energy, and vitality to support the body and mind through the ups and downs of daily life. With the aromas of Cedar, Sandalwood and Lavender, this treatment re-discovers passion and adventure and revitalizes your flow of energy for better concentration and focus.

Re-Balancing Sleep Treatment – 60 MIN

Treatment Description:
Enjoy a sense of completeness, self-realization, enlightenment, and pure bliss. A head to foot connection cocooned by Turquoise-Serenity, benefit from the emotions and the detox effect of the Scrub of Himalayan Salt accompanied by Sesame Oil with soothing, generating and antioxidant properties.