Altearah Bio

Our emotions are the key to well-being.

Enjoy a relaxing experience with Altearah-Bio Massages which includes a unique and innovative combination of super-ingredients, actives, essential oils and colors by Altearah Bio, an organic French brand founded in 2000.

Altearah – Pure
Purifies and regenerates your body and mind

A Pure Massage uses a number of techniques to assist in resolving and pushing out toxins from the body. Detoxify using techniques such as deep tissue massage, and positional release to restore pure function and movement.

Altearah – Peace
Brings you calmness and tranquility

A Peace Massage brings soothing and relaxing movements to help you to calm your nervous system, relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being. Unwind the mind and recover from long-standing fatigue.

Altearah – Vitality
Reinvigorates your energy and passion
A Vitality Massage is an invigorating body massage that promotes healing, and a renewed energy. This treatment eases stiffness and relieves tension.

Altearah – Balance
Finds my mind-body alignment

A Balance Massage follows a meditative rhythm that brings a cantering energy to the body. With long and smooth movements, this treatment brings an anchoring feeling and a profound regeneration.