Palma Tennis Court

Palmatenis was founded in 2008 in Venezuela by Jessica Palma who was a recognized tennis player in this country. Palmatenis with more than 10 years of experience has trained players who have been among the top positions in the ranking of Venezuela and many of them managed to obtain university scholarships in the United States.

On October 02,2019 Palmatenis begins the promotion and development of Tennis and Beach Tennis in Sohar, Oman and a year later on September 27, 2020 it is officially established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The most important thing in our trajectory is that we have contributed to the development of integral athletes by instilling values that will serve them throughout their lives.

As our slogan indicates “Always Innovating” so we want to stay and be a leader in the development and promotion of Tennis and Beach Tennis in Dubai at all levels, promoting tournaments, events, activities, and services that generate love for the sport and also contribute to the development of integral athletes instilling values both on and off the court.

Our Mission is to build a community of Tennis and Beach Tennis for Junior and Adults of all levels.

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