Maternity Spa

HAMMAM – (Recommended as of 6th month of pregnancy): Select your choice of one of our Hammam variations for which extra time is allocated to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

INSTANT LEG RELIEF WRAP: This long lasting therapeutic and energizing treatment includes exfoliation followed by a relaxing massage and cooling wrap to bring relief to aching feet, tired and heavy legs. Ideal for people who stand on their feet for long periods, mothers to be, jet lag, water retention, swelling, sore feet, tired and heavy legs.

MATERNITY TONIC WRAP – (Recommended as of 4th month of pregnancy) This safe and effective pregnancy spa treatment aims to alleviate pregnancy related hormonal changes symptoms and discomforts such as dry skin, stretch marks, back ache and heavy legs. A high concentration of active firming ingredients such as rose, ginseng, chamomile, mint, macadamia and mango butter are tailored and combined with special massage techniques to provide the mother-to-be with a sense of relief, comfort, physical and emotional well being.

MATERNITY MASSAGE: This pampering and calming treatment adopts gentle strokes and special massage techniques to help soothe nerves as well as alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts such as backache, tensed shoulders and aching legs. Come experience our maternity spa, the perfect nurturing treat for both mother and child.