Body Massage

KAHRAMAN MASSAGE: This unique massage which depends on Amber stone contains a substance called succinic acid which is powerful antioxidant that helps to fight toxic, free radicals, rebalances heartbeat. Stimulates the recovery of the neural system, strengthens the immune system & reduces stress

GLACIAL SHELL MASSAGE: This massage gives your body many benefits. it’s revitalize energy levels. The cool shells, which hold and radiate temperature well, help contract the muscles, alleviate bloating and boost energy levels throughout the body.

LAVA SHELL MASSAGE:  This body massage for women has a combination of innovative lava shells tools with natural tiger-striped Clam shells from the South Pacific Ocean. Improves the circulation, lymphatic system, and general function of body organs.

AL ASALLA SPA SIGNATURE MASSAGE:  An impromptu freestyle and personalized ladies body massage that utilizes the intuitive hands of the therapist to deliver a series of target specific massage techniques tailored to meet the individual needs of the body.

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: An ancient ayurvedic massage therapy at Dubai Ladies Club involves the application of thumb pressures to the head, neck, shoulders, and ears to increase circulation thus stimulating hair growth, relieve headaches, eyestrain and nasal congestion

BACK TENSION RELEASE: A quick yet effective ‘pick me up’ treatment designed to ease muscle tension on the tight muscles across the back, neck and shoulders.

FEET MASSAGE: A mini relaxing and revitalizing treatment for the feet is designed to increase mobility of the ankles, ease muscular tension and aches while improving circulation.

REFLEXOLOGY: Having ancient origins in China, Egypt and Greece this powerful form of healing therapy utilizes dry diagnostic finger pressures on reflex points on the feet which interconnect with specific areas of the body via the pathways of the nervous system to stimulate the body’s self healing mechanism.

SWEDISH MASSAGE: A classical western massage that employs specific muscle manipulations comprising of long gliding strokes, kneading, rubbing, tapping and vibrating movements to improve circulation, ease muscle tension, induce relaxation and restore balance.

SPORT MASSAGE: A slow, thorough and highly effective deep tissue remedial massage that concentrates on strained and fatigued muscles to alleviate pain and speed up the healing process of scar tissue.

BALINESE MASSAGE:  A traditional Indonesian massage combining a variety of skin rolling, kneading and stroking techniques incorporating both dry and oil mediums to stimulate the circulation, improve digestion, and attain a balanced inner harmony. Vist our massage center to experience the indonesian massage.

HOT STONE THERAPY: Delve your whole being into a state of deepest relaxation with this native American Indian stress dissolving healing art practiced by the Tibetan monks. A combination of warm basalt lava stones placed on specific energy points on the body coupled with various massage techniques are used to help restore depleted energy levels improve circulation, and ease muscular aches and pains.