DLC Group Leisure Membership

(No Weekend | No Gym l Group Classes)

  • Annual

    (12 Months)

  • Weekdays Access only
  • Inbody Assesment -1
  • 50 group classes
  • Members Pool and Beach access
  • 10{a39208088dfbb3f6be7975aa9dc7361ccbf13849a8101c944fd19b6e25c2b524} discount on all DLC Services
  • Freeze Max 1 month @ 210

DLC Rules & Regulations

General Precautionary Measures

  1. DLC guest capacity is reduced to 50{a39208088dfbb3f6be7975aa9dc7361ccbf13849a8101c944fd19b6e25c2b524} in compliance with Covid-19 prevention protocols. Prior booking and appointment is essential for all activities & services, including the gym, group classes, tennis and squash courts, swimming pools and the beach.
  2. Wearing of face masks indoors is still mandatory.
  3. All belongings must be kept in your locker.
  4. Social distancing: All members and guests must maintain a distance of two metres (2m) at all times.
  5. Contactless payment: Debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are the only accepted forms of payment.
  6. During prayer timings, music will be paused in the gym and in classes for five minutes.
  7. DLC operational timing is until 10pm, all facilities will be closed including showers and changing rooms after 10pm.
  8. If you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, cough, fever or sore throat, it is advised to see a doctor immediately and self-isolate.
  9. Enhanced preventive measures:
    • Increased sanitisation for all facilities and equipment.
    • Increased contactless sanitisation dispensers across all areas of the Club.
    • All facilities undergo extensive sanitisation post closure.
  10. Isolation room: A dedicated room for anyone that may display flu-like symptoms.

In addition to these general precautionary measures, the below are also enforced in the fitness centre, beach, swimming pools, courts, and Al Asalla spa:

Fitness Centre

  1. Use of seating area is now permitted but social distancing must be practiced.
  2. A minimum of three participants in a fitness class is required to proceed. Therefore, booking is essential to avoid disappointment.
  3. Punctuality for classes is required. “No-show” bookings will be automatically cancelled after five minutes of class start to accommodate waitlisted ladies.
  4. Refrain from using mobile phones in classes; please take calls outside studios.
  5. Studios must be vacated after each class and all belongings must be removed for sanitisation purposes.
  6. Face masks must be worn when leaving the studio(s).
  7. No reservation of spots in all fitness studios.
  8. No video recording or taking of photos is allowed in all fitness studios.


  1. Bookings for body analysis, inductions and complimentary PT sessions are required.
  2. Cancellations are required if prior bookings cannot be attended, repeated failure to do so will result in losing access to this service.
  3. Ticket is required for gym entry.
  4. A two metre distance is maintained between all gym machines.
  5. Music plays throughout the day with quiet times enforced between 12pm-1pm and 4pm-5pm
  6. Only 50{a39208088dfbb3f6be7975aa9dc7361ccbf13849a8101c944fd19b6e25c2b524} of cardio machines are available due to social distancing regulations. This is subject to change on a weekly basis and cannot be changed by request.
  7. Shoes and clothing must be gym appropriate.
  8. Equipment must be returned after use.

Beach Precautionary Measures

  1. Only five people per group are permitted on the beach and in the water (two metres distance from others; and four metres distance between groups).
  2. A two metre distance is maintained between each sunbed.
  3. Face masks are no longer required on the beach. Face masks can be removed in public areas provided social distancing is maintained at all times.
  4. Loud music is prohibited on the beach.
  5. Shower areas and changing rooms are available and are sanitised after every use. Sanitisation is enforced at least once an hour as well.
  6. No outside food is permitted. This applies to the entire Club.

Pool Precautionary Measures

  1. Bookings are required for the pool with a time limit of two hours. You are required to wear the wristband given at the reception.
  2. Only five people per group are permitted on the poolside and in the water (two metres distance from others; and four metres distance between groups).
  3. A two metre distance is maintained between each sunbed.
  4. Swim caps are mandatory in pools for adults and children aged three and above.
  5. Swim nappies are mandatory in pools for children below the age of three.
  6. No unaccompanied children.
  7. Inflatables are not allowed in pools.
  8. No individuals under 16 years old are permitted in the members’ pool and changing room.
  9. Loud music is prohibited at pools.
  10. Masks are no longer required on poolside.
  11. Only swimwear is allowed.
  12. Shower areas and changing rooms are available and are sanitised after every use. Sanitisation is enforced at least once an hour as well.
  13. Specialised contractors sanitise and clean the pools every morning before opening.
  14. A specified level of chlorine and PH is maintained and monitored by Dubai Municipality to ensure pool cleanliness.
  15. Sunbeds are sanitised after every use.
  16. Jacuzzi is now available for two persons access for a period of 20 minutes maximum.

Tennis/Squash Courts Precautionary Measures

  1. Enhanced sanitisation:
    • Increased sanitisation of equipment.
    • Increased number of contactless sanitisation dispensers.
    • The courts undergo extensive sanitisation post closure.
  2. Waiting is not allowed in the reception area
  3. All players are required to maintain a distance of two metres from others.
  4. A maximum of four players per coach are permitted during a training session.
  5. If teaching charts are required during training, each player should have their own.
  6. Equipment should only be used by the player/coach and frequently sanitised throughout sessions.
  7. New tennis and squash balls are required for use after every session.
  8. Changing sides after each set is not permitted.

Al Asalla Spa

  1. The Spa is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to opening and after closure on a daily basis.
  2. Treatment rooms are cleaned and sanitised before and after each treatment.
  3. Disposable bed sheets are used in treatment rooms.
  4. All towels and bathrobes are laundered, individually wrapped, and only opened upon client’s arrival.
  5. Disposable under garments, headbands, slippers, towels, and spatulas are utilised in treatments whenever possible.
  6. Wearing of face masks are mandatory in all common areas of the spa.
  7. Clients are asked to fill a consultation card and a COVID-19 questionnaire to ensure the spa continues to be a safe and COVID-free environment.
  8. Sanitiser dispensers are dispersed throughout the spa for client and employee use.
  9. Staff regularly wash and sanitise their hands before and after each treatment.
  10. Spa staff ensure that a two metre social distancing is enforced in the common areas of the spa.
  11. Capacity limit has been placed on spa facilities i.e. steam, sauna and jacuzzi. Areas are continuously monitored to ensure that capacity is not exceeded. Members and guests must wear appropriate swimsuit while using the spa facilities.
  12. Cash payments are not accepted.
  13. All commonly touched areas such as the main spa door handle, bathrooms, bathroom door handles, reception desk are cleaned and sanitised at least every hour.

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Dubai Ladies Club continuously works on adapting our operational services, rules, and regulations to ensure that we provide you with a safe, healthy, and motivational environment. Your health and wellbeing remain our greatest priority.

We would like to share with you the updated precautionary and safety measures implemented at the Club. All measures, rules, and regulations have been adapted in compliance with the official directives and guidelines issued by governmental authorities to ensure your health and safety.

If any of the measures, rules, and regulations be subject to change, we will be sure to reach out to you with updates.

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